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VersatekTelco.com is a leader in innovating technology and we are dedicated to delivering premium networking solutions to our clients all over the world. VersatekTelco.com is a ZTE & Huawei Solutions sales channel that is committed to helping companies achieve their business objectives with state-of-the-art Telco Carrier Class equipment.

In the forthcoming years, VersatekTelco.com will continue to shape the global telecommunications industry by working with our customers and partners to create technology that transforms business models and fulfills market needs.


ZTE delivers cutting-edge technology to nearly every Telco environment, including wireless, access & bearer, VAS, terminals and professional services. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, ZTE has been the world’s largest originator of technology patents for the past two years.


Huawei is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, with offices and research facilities in 100 nations spanning every continent. Founded in 1987, Huawei has grown from a USD 5,680 small company to a global company with a sales volume of over USD 20 billion with business. VersatekTelco plans to expand our Huawei relationship, offering enterprise grade solutions to the Telco industry.


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